Why choose GENETWORx-ID?

GENETWORx-ID is an AABB accredited laboratory that is committed to providing quality customer service, DNA analysis and testing results. Our analysis methods utilize cutting edge technology and innovative DNA analysis techniques. We strive to provide results that yield a greater discrimination with turnaround times that do not compromise the integrity of the DNA results.


What do I need to get things started?

Complete our biological relationship or Client Immigration form or call 855.436.8979 and speak with one of our Client Service Associates for assistance. The information needed to initiate your case includes the full names of all parties being tested; contact information such as address, phone numbers, emails; payment in the form of credit card, money order or cashier's check; current photo ID (passport preferred for immigration cases), immigration documents or court documents, if available.


What is a Peace of Mind DNA test?

This test will provide DNA results from samples that have been self-collected. We will test and analyze the samples and issue a report which is strictly for personal information. Therefore, the results cannot be used in any court proceedings, they are to be used only for your peace of mind. The peace of mind test costs $99 (mother, father & one child); each additional person $45.


What is a Legal DNA test?

This test provides DNA results from samples collected by a certified collector. The DNA testing and legal report may be needed for cases involving: Adoption, Birth Certificate, Child Support, Child Custody, Court Order, Estate Settlement, Tax Documentation or other Legal purposes. The cost for a legal test is $450 (mother, father & one child); each additional person in the US $45 or $130 if the individual is located outside the United States.


Do you provide Immigration DNA Testing?

Yes, we specialize in providing DNA testing for Immigration purposes. Whether the request comes from the USCIS office or from the US Embassy, we can help you navigate the process from start to finish. Many citizens dream of bringing their family members here to the US. We can provide assistance for any family-based I-130 visa petition or refugee/asylee cases. The cost for testing if all clients reside in the US is $450 (mother, father & one child); each additional person in the US is $45. If the beneficiaries reside in another country, the cost is $700 (mother, father & one child); each additional person in the US $45 or $130 outside the US. If DHL shipping is required, there will be additional shipping fees that may apply.


What types of DNA tests will an immigration agency request?

Most agencies want to establish the biological connection between the petitioner and the beneficiaries. Typically they will ask for one of the following: 1) Maternity Test to establish genetic relationship between mother and child(ren); 2) Paternity Test to establish genetic relationship between father and child(ren); 3) Sibling test to establish genetic relationship between brothers & sisters. Please note that many of the US embassies and the USCIS office are no longer accepting sibling tests only, they are typically asking a common parent to test along with the siblings. We cannot guarantee these offices will accept a sibling only test.


How will my samples be collected?

Once your case has been set up, we will contact you directly to schedule an appointment at one of our convenient DNA collection facilities. We will also take care of shipping out collection kits and supplies for any international samples that need to be collected. We use a cotton swab inside the mouth as a non-invasive method of sample collection.


How will I receive my results?

We can send your results either via standard US mail or via email. If you have an immigration case, we will also send out the report to the immigration agency requesting the results either via overnight service or via email (if applicable).


What other types of tests are available at GENETWORx-ID?

1) Tribal enrollment tests to provide DNA evidence to help a client that is seeking membership on an American Indian tribal registry. 2) Estate or Probate test provides DNA evidence for a client that needs to establish genetic relationship for an estate settlement. 3) Adoption DNA test to help provide genetic evidence of the relationship between biological parent(s) and the adoptive child. 4) Surrogacy DNA test to provide genetic evidence to help determine the true biological parents of the surrogate's child.