GENETWORx-ID, Division of GENETWORx, offers reliable, accurate, and confidential DNA analysis. Our human identity services include DNA testing for forensic evidence, CODIS, mass disasters, cold cases, immigration, and biological relationship testing. Through cutting-edge technology and experienced human identity experts, we are able to provide the most cost-efficient and accurate DNA testing available today.

Our services include:

  • Case review & consultation
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Training and consulting services
  • DNA analysis for personal and legal purposes


Mission Statement
GENETWORx-ID is committed to providing quality DNA analysis and results. Our analysis methods utilize cutting edge technology and innovative DNA analysis techniques. We strive to provide results that yield a greater discrimination with turnaround times that do not compromise the integrity of the DNA results.


Vision Statement
Provide next generation services to the human identity field by delivering top quality results to individuals with samples and cases of an unknown origin.


GENETWORx-ID services include consultation, research, education, screening for biological material, expert witness testimony, DNA Analysis (STR and Y-STR) and biological relationship testing. Our consultative and technical expertise is offered to clients worldwide.


Quality Statement
GENETWORx-ID provides accurate DNA analysis in a timely manner utilizing the best technology available. These specialized Human Identity services are provided through research, teamwork, training and implementation of innovative technologies by well trained and highly educated staff.